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Quality, High-Resolution, High-Contrast Ronchi Screens

While Foucault testing gives the builder of telescope mirrors a good quantitative look in specific zones on his or her glass, the Foucault test shows only half the picture. In contrast, Ronchi testing goes a long way to show the optician a qualitative look at the mirror's curve.

Ronchi gratings from are produced at 2400 dpi through a process that yields good, clean lines. The substrate is thin and clear, while the lines are sharp and opaque.

Each screen is secured in high-quality slide mounts in either the standard 35mm size or in the larger, wide-open 6 x 6cm.

We offer the coarser 65 LPI Ronchi screen for preliminary testing, and the common 85 LPI grating. But we also offer the hard-to-find 133 LPI Ronchi screen for the final phases of testing.

We ship quickly and we take pride in keeping shipping costs as low as possible.

You work hard pushing glass. Let us help you take a look at the fruits of your labor, and keep on pushing.

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